My Brother's Best Friend

Desiree Smith Romance

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"I really like you." he murmured, the moonlight illuminating his face, his dark eyes trained on mine, making my heartbeat skip faster. 
"But- your Chris' best friend."
"What he doesn't know won't kill him." He came in closer, our noses brushing against each others. I wanted to kiss him so bad. He seemed to read my mind, because he pressed our lips together, making my temperature flare up and the blood rush to my lips. Butterflies pounded away in my stomach and it was then that I realized it. I had to have him.


Tags: CrimeRomanceStalkerThrillerForbidden
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Chapter Ten

Brooke's POV

When Dean came up to me during lunch, I couldn't stop the guilty feelings in my stomach.

"Hey gorgeous." he said sweetly, giving me a kiss on the cheek.

"Hi." I said back softly, letting him grab my hand. He led me over to our normal table, and I smiled a greeting to all those sitting there. Meg turned t……

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