Dangerous Love

Stupid Potato

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Maria's peaceful life is shattered by Zack’s misfortune strikes. She’s trapped in a dangerous relation with Zack, a heinous drug dealer and gangster, that she’s unable to extricate herself from. She makes her escapes again and again, but is dragged back every time…


Tags: ActionGangPossessiveSexKidnapHEDominantPoliceGangsterDrug-dealer
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Chapter 41 FINAL-Deadly Rival

Maria does not answer his question but hangs her head quietly. After a while, shrugging his shoulder, Lee says, “Miss Denker, I have to remind you that the police will meet your request only on the condition that you cooperate with us. Or, “a pause, “you should have known how deep you are involved.”

Still no response. Another si……

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