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What defines a human, a person? Is it their body parts, interests or humanity in our blood?
For Nathan, it was a title. A 'human' is merely something that is not necessary to be mentioned.
For him, everyone was equal and could expand in their own ways.

And life, was just as normal as everything seemed.
However, everything begins to fall apart as soon as he tried putting his past back together.

Somehow, he has to realize that his world wasn't as normal as it seemed...
And the past, present and future must quickly be patched, before fate decides to tear the strings of time again.


Tags: Sci-FiSuspenseThrillerTime Travel
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How To Survive Alone: You Don't.

Mistakes were made.

"What do you mean?"

You can't leave it to him to do this.

"We don't have a choice."

No, you didn't have a choice.

"Then what would you do? All mighty powerful piece of-”

As much as this action is… undesirable, I guess the only way now is t……

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