Kidnapped to live in a Castle

Whitney Joseph Suspense/Thriller

1864 reads

Kyra is seventeen years old when she is kidnapped together with her best friend while at a slumber party. She does not know who her assailant is and wants nothing to do with him. Her life is destroyed when she is kidnapped and all she thinks about is escaping. This is unlike a typical kidnapping as everything is done with such precision and no ransom note is given. Her parents are devastated when they are informed of Kyra’s kidnapping and they do everything in their power to get their only daughter back. 
Raymond is a nineteen year old billionaire and he is Kyra’s kidnapper. After monitoring her for months, he decided that the slumber party was the perfect time to make his move. He also kidnaps Lisa because he plans on torturing her. The kidnapped girls are taken to an isolated castle in Canada and their lives are totally transformed. Kyra is treated like a princess and given all her hearts desires. On the other hand, Lisa is beaten, tormented and treated like a slave. Unknown to Kyra, every time she does something which displeases Raymond, Lisa is beaten as she is a slave.
When Kyra is aware of Lisa’s treatment, she tries to help her best friend escape, but how far are they willing to go? Will it be until Raymond tries to kill Lisa? Kyra is living in a fantasy world and has yet to see how evil Raymond truly is. What happens when Raymond’s true colours are revealed? Kyra is the love of his life, but sometimes in order to protect the love of your life sacrifices must be made. After all, if Raymond can’t have her, no one else can.


Tags: BillionaireHorrorKidnappingMysterySuspense
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Chapter 18- Christmas


“Kyra, keep your eyes closed.” I instructed as I led her to our huge living room.

“Okay. I wonder what you have up your sleeves.” she responded sounding clueless but obeyed me nevertheless.

I had her two hands in front of her as I gently pulled her along. I was walking backwards as I watched her……

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