The Consultant

Adeline Vaz

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 _ Vengeance they say, is best served cold _
It was New Year's Eve. Times Square was rigged to light up with fireworks. Who knew; soon it would light up, but with blood and flames. Almost a 1000 people dead. This was just one of the heinous crimes of 'The Chameleon'. Two years on and Inspector Kevin Caffrey is nowhere even close to catching him. How do you catch someone; who can be anywhere and everywhere; anyone and everyone? That's when the mysterious Inspector Fiona Mascarenhas steps in to help; as a 'Consultant'. She is his only hope to finally catching the faceless 'Chameleon'. But can he trust her?   


Tags: CrimeDetectiveMysteryRevengeThriller
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We were still in the hospital room.

There was an awkward silence threatening to settle between us, after the last sentence Kevin had said.

I was astonished at his defeated expression.

"You must have the files archived on the NYPD servers, right? What about the FBI? Am sure they must be having some backup……

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