Everything That Is White

Aakanxa Naik

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He was like water

She was like fire

He wanted a lady with class

She was anything but

For she certainly knew how to turn a gentleman into a bad bad beast


Ethan King's life was simple. He was the CEO of King Industries, a company his father made on his own, walked on the road his father had laid out for him. His principles, beliefs, his way of seeing the world, everything was influenced by his father. He judged people based on their wealth, their line of work, their social rank. People with less than a billion dollars in their bank accounts were no different than animals to him. Interaction with people of those kind was equivalent to a sin to Ethan. The roots of obnoxiousness were planted deep inside his soul from his childhood.

But after a drunken mistake, Ethan unknowingly drags Scarlett White in his life, a prostitute by profession. Despite his disgust towards the woman, Ethan can't find it in himself to stay away from her, can't resist her charm. Scarlett makes him question his morals, frustrates him to no ends, she isn't intimidated by him, but most of all, she makes him lose control. She challenges his principles, makes him realise that some scars run deeper than skin, that not everyone is just running after money, that money isn't everything.

She teaches him that love is above everything else. That without love, without Scarlett, Ethan's existence is just a waste.

** There will be mature scenes **

All rights reserved © 2018 Aakanxa Naik


Tags: PossessiveSexOpposites AttractArrogantKinkyPowerfulCEOProstituteSecretaryDrama
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SEQUEL IS OUT!!!!!!!!!

Your favourite Author is back in the game!

yep, that's right, the sequel to ETIW is out now!

The name of the sequel is "Something That Is Love"

search it on ficfun and add it to your favourites!!!!!!!!


Here is the introduction of the sequel :

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