Nychta - The Bloodrose Kingdom


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Machiavellian is chosen as a candidate for the Divination, a series of trials that will determine Bloodrose's next queen. Along the way, she discovers the horrors of the queendom, and it is up to her to choose the outcome of the world as she battles a greater evil, with the help of her newfound abilities and allies.


Tags: ActionAdventureFantasyGothicMonster
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Chapter 48 - Shining Noon

With hearts that were pounding as we walked, I looked at the girls beside me as my mind went back to our conversation. I had been so deep in thought as we walked, as the only complement to our voices was the whistle of the wind as it passed by us.
“What shall I know?” Millicent of the War asks as she walks beside us. It was the first tim……

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