Sounding the Bell

Kahaanikaar Suspense/Thriller

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An agent on a covert mission crosses paths with a woman who is being pursued by some unknown people in relation to her mentor's research theft. In an effort to up hold his oath of protecting those who are in need of it, he tries to help the woman reach safety. Instead, bigger problems take him off course.

What exactly is happening? Are ghosts and vampires real? Are there more such creatures? And how did the woman get herself caught up in all this by just being a university professor's assistant?

The answers to these questions would not only combat his confusion, but he would also find the answers to the origins and truth about each and every legend that has ever been told by human civilisations spanning the entire world.


Tags: ActionAdventureSci-FiSuspense
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Sev, Kan, Anita, Mace and Raj went to the upper floor.

"I need to take a long, hot bath and then find some clean clothes to wear." Anita remarked.

"Agreed. And then some pizza, maybe." Kan said with closed eyes and a smile on his face.

"You and your Pizza. Just have some meat on it." ……

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