Lusus Naturae

Elias Chen Suspense/Thriller

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"I'm saying, your 4 other classmates are dead"

Lindsey stared at her interrogator.
And fainted.

In the quiet town of Kelt, there had never been anything significant that happened there. However, there was recently a murder-Five school children disappeared into the village forest, and only one survivor, Lindsey Totten, was found.
Everybody pegs this murder on the Lusus Naturae, a supposed monster that had escaped from a governmental lab in Kelt.
Inspector August Dupin is sent to Kelt to investigate on the case, developing a curious case of Amnesia on his way to Kelt. He feels that there should be more to this murder than what the villagers think, and sets forth by interrogating Lindsey. As he slowly uncovers the truth, he finds out that humans are as monstrous as monsters themselves...


Tags: HorrorSuspenseThriller
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Seven: Hope. Whatever That Is.

There were some muffled cries of protest in the doorway before she came busting into the interrogation cell.

“Hey! You can't just rush into here without an appointment!”

A hand fell onto her shoulder and she flung it aside, continuing to come into the ward.

There are more guards now, a collection of officers trying to stop her ……

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