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Humankind is in a middle of an unseen battle, and Paper Towns are not what you think they are as referred to the book and movie. They are unseen bases and training grounds of Revelares, the warriors who fight the demons to keep them from claiming souls to awaken Malum, an evil immortal who was once defeated by the Creation’s Protector, Lux. 

Clary, an over-achiever orphan of the millennial generation, thought she got things in her life kept together—a full college scholarship, a part-time job that got her to open her own savings account, and a no roommate dorm room, a scholar privilege. Until she met Ezra, an odd guy in her college that she usually sees but never speaks to, made her question everything that she’s been striving so hard to achieve. Why on earth was she doing everything she’s been doing all along? There’s got to be something more than just striving to live a life with more money than you can spend, right?

Her life changed when the veil that hides the real world disappeared, and she saw Ezra with the ridiculous golden aura around him, holding a broad sword about to slice one of the professors in two.

As Clary discovers the lies she’s been led to believe, she realizes how much she wanted to fight so everyone can see the truth. But is she ready to be a Revelare? Is Ezra a friend or an enemy?


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MONSTER. If there’s one thing I could say about Mira, it’s that word. She has kept me running at the Mansion’s racetrack for an hour with only a total of fifteen minutes break! And yes, they’ve got a huge racetrack behind the mansion, and a backyard that goes beyond as far as any forest could go. How on earth can people not see th……

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