Whisper Bloodrose

venu sharma Vampire/Werewolf

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'I'll make sure you live Lucien, I'll make sure you live to beg me your death. I've seen your wounds and I'll make them worse.'

Before fighting the world around her, she had to fight herself. Everything she ever loved, everything she ever fought for, is now falling apart all because she couldn't fight herself and her biggest fear.......Lucien. But she has to rise, not like a warrior but like a Rogue. She is burning in revenge, and these flames are desperate to burn down everything Lucien ever owned, the only problem is he has all the water he needs.


Tags: FantasyRevengeRomanceVampireWerewolf
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Chapter-12 Stronger



When Whisper woke up, she was both scared and astonished. She was not on the cold, gravel floor that scratched her skin in numerous ways. She could not smell the dried blood or the moisture in the air. She could not feel the unleashed rage of the Alpha that had captured her. There were no warm arm……

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