Phoenix and Turtle: A devoted sisters story

PenumbraMINE “Mama Magie” M. Foster Romance

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Two sisters; one sister is a phoenix rising from the ashes with each blow fate delivers, seeking hope. The other sister is a turtle with a too-soft heart trying hard to toughen her shell in a world that keeps flipping her upside down. They have each other, but will they find love?
Chan Lau Gomez is a caged bird with broken wings. Trapped by a strict Chinese mother, trapped by a cruel boyfriend and their upcoming arranged marriage, and trapped by the need to protect her sister from her own fate. Like the phoenix of myth, she is hopefully determined to find a way to rise from the ashes of her life, save the ones she loves and herself. The fire in her spirit will not be quenched.
Mai Gomez finds her world turned upside down. When she is attacked by a friend, her sister makes an explosive revelation. All she can do is get back on her feet. Her soft heart is repeatedly tested as she carries the cares of the world on her back. She tries to have tough shell like the turtles she collects, but she cares too much. If she can heal herself, she can heal those she loves.


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A phoenix and a turtle

Leo sat in Chance’s room with Laura in a hospital gown again. It was a familiar de javu, too familiar for a man who had spent over a decade visiting his daughter in similar attire. Chance was asleep after a delightful hour of describing ‘his chickens’ to his mother’s Uncle Leo. Pablo Sr leaned against a wall, smiling fondly.

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