The Sisters: Lau and Mai's story

PenumbraMINE “Mama Magie” M. Foster

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Tony threatened her. "Someday you are going to love me like I love you Lau, or you are going to watch our cartel friends put bullets into your family and then they will take turns doing all the things a whore like you deserves and maybe they'll have some fun with your little sister too. She starting to get pretty.”

Lau slapped him as hard as she could.

Sneering, Tony twisted and threw her across the room onto the bed before attacking her. Almost an hour later, she crawled out from under him and across the floor. He was snoring loudly. Tears, blood, and other things were dried on her face.
Lau looked straight at the camera, whispering, “Now do you understand? He’ll kill my family, sell my sister and I to people just like him. If anything happens to us, to me, you take this recording and give it to the police.”
Chan Lau Gomez is a caged bird with broken wings quickly losing all hope. Trapped by a strict Chinese mother, trapped by a cruel boyfriend and their upcoming arranged marriage, and trapped by the need to protect her sister Mai from her own fate. She did the only thing she could to save them both and fled.
Mai was horrified when she was almost assaulted by her best friend's brother, horrified to learn what happened to her sister and the hands of his brother, and horrified that their parents allowed it. Her sister saved her but now she struggles with survivor's guilt over what her sister went through to protect her. If she can heal herself, maybe she can help Lau too, maybe she can heal everyone she loves.


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