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He had trapped me against the wall our bodies so close. I could feel the heat radiating from his body. his lips brushing the shell of my ear "Love you thought you would make me fall in love and then dump me for a mare challenge . That's impossible because the first time I saw you I knew you were mine .So either you accept me the easy way or I will make sure that you are mine the hard way "
      "Are you blackmailing me? "I cock my head to the side to avoid his eyes .
; The next thing I knew his grip on my chin tightened as I was forced to look him into the eye
"Blackmailing? No my love I am just going to beat you at you're your own game and you know what my prize I is"
I gulped in fright as his eyes shamelessly ranked on my body "You"
One simple word was enough to tell me I was doomed forever and officially. Nina prince took the ten day challenge to make her ex boyfriend Jealous. It was a simple challenge 'make Noah black winter "the hottest guy from The Glasgow academy fall head over heels within 10 days and then dump him in public on the 11th day. It was supposed to be harmless challenge but she never know what was in store for her and now that Noah had found her he plans to keep her forever.


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Psychopath Part I


"I let my heart be consumed with the fire of vengeance and when I saw you for the first time - I felt the cause that I have lived for throughout my life died – Love , you changed me - you changed the whole of me.” - Anonymous

Warning: 18 + (Gruesome and triggering scenes – You h……

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