Billionaire's Intense Love

S.S.Sahoo Romance & Erotica

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Xavier Knights, a Billionaire heartthrob who had everything in his life. Money, fame, power, and everything. His personality perfectly explained his dark and cold aura but the main problem was his anger issues and the way he treated every woman.

Angela Carson is a bright and shy woman. She is intelligent, beautiful and most importantly Kind-hearted.

Destiny played its game and tied them together.

So now it's time to proof the famous theory "Opposite Attracts"


Well then let's find out!


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Tags: ActionBillionaireChicklitRomanceWestern
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The clock read six in the morning. Still curled in a ball I sobbed silently but couldn’t close my eyes. Every time I closed my eyes the dreadful memories of that man trying to rape me came flooding back into my mind and that scared me even more. Why is everything so wrong with me?

What sin have I done to undergo such pain and humiliat……

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