Rewired: Project Insula

Callum Munro

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London 2032. The world has spiralled into absolute confliction and division, with tensions across nations at an all time high. Fears of Russian paramilitary invasion run amok throughout the world's media and governments, as well as nuclear and nanotechnological war.
This first entry to the series will follow Meera Patil, a young aspiring detective who has been on the force for just 3 months. After investigating a trivial robbery at a Hospital, Meera's life is changed forever when she witnesses a horrific and sickening attack, catapulting her right into the investigation of a worldwide pandemic, alongside investigative prodigy Daniel Green.
Experience Project Insula. Experience the Human race, rewired.


Tags: DetectiveHorrorMysteryPsychologicalSci-Fi
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Chapter 19

Daniel awoke to a bright fluorescent light above him, instantly forcing a clench of his eyelids. Purple streaks of light danced and darted across his vision, as he slowly adjusted to the whiteness.

It felt difficult to sit up, there was tightness in his chest and shoulders that he couldn't quite understand. He looked around to see……

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