The Dragons of Analahare

Hayley Rouch Fantasy

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The Dragons of Analahare, is set back in the renaissance period. Kings and queens, sorcerers, elves, and dragons. War, love, and magic. Analahare is full of transformations. From dragons among men, to friends to lovers. King Randon's turn of events. leaves him devastated, and betrayed. Morbida, a gargoyle, was cursed by Larmose, and her life is built around it. Finding each other helped them find themselves.
Epic love story.


Tags: FantasyRomanceSuspense
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The Deerlings

Ben’s transformation was nothing any of the elves had seen before. He had tried not to scream by biting his tongue, but he could feel every prickle of pain as the scales started to form into his skin. Ben started crying, but managed to keep his mouth closed so no noise would escape him. Ben told Aires to fly Selena Back to rejoin Rex and to send……

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