Fighting For Your Rights

MaryLei Barclay Science Fiction & Fantasy

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By the year 2152, global chaos has created great tyranny throughout the world. In the Americas, the family of Roham took control and decided to return to laws of centuries ago. Women were given no rights and forbidden to be educated. The only possibility they were provided was marriage and motherhood. The current monarch created the “Law of the Eldest.” The eldest female of each family was to be surrendered to him on their eighteenth birthday. However, Robyn was not about to go quietly. Her escape starts a journey that had been years in the making by the revolutionaries. Robyn discovers that her grandmother had long planned for her to take her place as the leader of the revolutionaries and destroy the Roham family. On the run, Robyn finds help in the most unlikely of places, the king’s cousin. Both are fugitives and both despise the world created by the Rohams. The time has come for the revolutionaries to take a stand and fight for their rights.


Tags: ActionAdventureSci-Fi
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Chapter Six

Chapter Six

As Owen laid some blankets on the floor in front of the bed, Robyn walked up to a reservoir in the wall. She opened the locket of her necklace and flipped the contents into her hand. Smiling at the picture of her grandparents, she turned her attention to the tiny chip in her hand. Owen stood behind her and started to fish aroun……

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