Find It Inc.

Nina Ristic

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"Find It Inc." is a treasure hunting company that exists in a magical, modern day world with different types of creatures (such as werewolves like Caz and Jo and ghosts like Frankie etc.) They get hired by clients to find a treasure and this time is no different except that some of these treasure are not real and are a trap. 
Will our heroes be safe and figure out what is going on in time? Yes; but read how they do it anyway.
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Tags: ActionAdventureFantasyHumorWerewolf
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Chapter 25

Two weeks have passed and the guys over at ‘Find It Inc.’ finally, stopped talking and analyzing the events that happened with T and Donny. No one has heard from either, and why would they? They are the enemies… I guess. ‘Find It Inc.’ is a float thanks to the money that Frankie’s assignment brought in as well as Doger decided to become a sponse……

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