Puzzling Pieces

ChrisReista Reynolds

199 reads

The building blocks of a puzzle that comes to life more and more as time goes on for Sia. Featuring a young woman in the big apple whose on the run from not only herself; but the identity of another man that once helped her through a storm. Her duty is to discover why he was killed. And unravel the pieces with her own style of play. 


Tags: DetectiveLGBT+MysteryThriller
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Sorry For Delay ... Chapter 23

“They shot him in the head. Or did Simian fail to give you that memo?” Clenched teeth! I’m saying that through compressed and closed enamels.

“What you mean?” That pan moves from my head and I can keep still. His brother comes over and takes another pot off the boil. I wonder why .. then see Robbo’s legs starting to move. And then a small ……

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