Puzzling Pieces

ChrisReista Reynolds Suspense/Thriller

11441 reads

The building blocks of a puzzle that comes to life more and more as time goes on for Sia. Featuring a young woman in the big apple whose on the run from not only herself; but the identity of another man that once helped her through a storm. Her duty is to discover why he was killed. And unravel the pieces with her own style of play. 


Tags: DetectiveLGBT+MysteryThriller
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Chapter 22

In one foul swoop, they can take away something that doesn’t mean shit to a troll, until it’s gone. The time I spent balancing on the legs of this chair gave me time to really analyse the truth in that. I almost lost my steadiness numerous times, but Haden had me waiting for the arrival of childbirth. So, I got bored and needed to entertain myse……

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