Puzzling Pieces

ChrisReista Reynolds Suspense/Thriller

9240 reads

The building blocks of a puzzle that comes to life more and more as time goes on for Sia. Featuring a young woman in the big apple whose on the run from not only herself; but the identity of another man that once helped her through a storm. Her duty is to discover why he was killed. And unravel the pieces with her own style of play. 


Tags: DetectiveLGBT+MysteryThriller
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Chapter 13

“You don’t want to mess with this guy Sia.” Viv is sitting on that 5th stair with his hand trying to reach out to me from my left. I glance at it with the slanting of my neck. It’s the sort of gesture that says still. Be still. The whole foyer is waiting for me to respond to his homophobic comment. All 10 of them, which included Rodney and Carl ……

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