The Forest

Christina Prince Fantasy

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The town of Linden has many secrets kept safe for decades. But the mayor is murdered and those secrets start coming out.

Tilia, the town`s librarian is the main suspect and her life changes for the worse as reporters start harassing her and people start hating her.

As if that wasn`t enough the mayor gave her a key and told her to find a book and mayor`s handsome grandson is back in town and he seems to be the only person, besides her friends, who doesn`t despise her.

Now with the help of her best friend and a nice police officer she has to figure out what the key unlocks and solve the murder to clear her name.

But the truth is much more complicated than anything she could ever imagine.


Tags: CrimeFantasyMysteryRomance
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Chapter Twenty-Three

The streets were empty and it was late. Most people were sleeping in the comfort of their own beds, not knowing what was going on outside their dreams. The dark was all around the buildings and inside their homes. It was thick and you could almost sense the danger in the air. But no one knew. There was a man, walking across the town, a man that ……

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