The Gift of Magic

Karen King Romance & Erotica

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Morgan Corey had been living a carefully crafted life working her dream job at a private library where she’s surrounded by the books she loves, but all that changed when her father was killed in a car accident just months before her twenty-fifth birthday. As she copes with the grief, strange things begin to happen to her, so strange that she begins to wonder if she’s losing her mind. After an especially alarming night, an early morning knock on her door, sends her life spiraling out of control as she’d thrust into a world that she’d never imagined existed.
Devon Bradbury had long known that his destiny was tied to the dark-haired woman who haunted his dreams. He’d spent years searching for her, traveling from coven to coven unable to ignore the pull she had over him. But when he arrives on a small New England island, he knows that he’s found her and that they were meant to be together. Determined to win her heart, he can’t resist becoming involved in her struggles to learn not only who she is, but to defeat a man who has sworn to destroy not only her but her family.


Tags: ParanormalRomance
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Chapter 5

Chapter 5

Morgan had no idea where she was going to spend the next few hours, she could go back to her apartment, but she had the explainable need for some fresh air. As early in the morning as it was, she felt safe walking around the campus of the very small private college where the library was located. The morning had turned misty and t……

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