The Pegassian Order

Heinzy Malik

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When art thief, Elliot Mara's estranged sister disappears, Elliot retraces her footsteps which lure her to the catacombs beneath Athens. While exploring the catacombs, she delves deeper into the tragedy of Medusa and uncovers a mysterious force that is responsible for a series of gruesome murders and soon discovers the catacombs are designed to keep people in, not out. Elliot must escape the catacombs and the clutches of the unnerving force, in order to reach her sister in time and save her. Updated weekly on Thursdays.


Tags: ActionAdventureDetectiveHistoricalTime Travel
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16. All For One

Rafi was sprawled out on the table and felt an immovable weight forcing his back firmly against the stony cold surface which was stained with dark reds and browns. Rafi knew the smell of blood, he knew it from the streets of Afghanistan on Eid, when lambs were taken to slaughter and blood poured through the streets.

The smell used to, and ……

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