Royalty (Book 1)

Tyra-mae Harper

861 reads

Lies. Murder. Secrets. What is the price you are not willing to pay?

Princess Nova de Mille has always been sure of her place in the world. But when you are royal things never stay the same. Thrust into a world of betrayal and lies by the people she loved most, she must survive in a new and terrifying game.

"Cover by Sabrina Sazali on FicFun"


Tags: RevengeRegencyKickass HeroinePowerfulRoyaltyQueenHeiressDramaTwistedBxG
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Chapter 35

When the army returned, their victory was cut short. The royal heirs were missing. Their concerned grandfather and Jax led a massive search. Eventually, it was Nova's heart-wrenching cries that drew the searchers to a gruesome discovery.

The new heir to the Lystran throne was covered in blood, the body of her brother held tightl……

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