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Raven has never known what it's like to be a part of a family. Having grown up teetering back and forth from foster homes to the street, she's learned to be a fighter but never how to be loved. Until Papa, a man with a plan to take over the city, kidnaps her and teachers her how to be a part of his army and makes her feel as if she belongs.

Alex is a cop that doesn't take life too seriously. Born with natural charm and a life destined to be in the police force, he's lived on easy street. But when there's a string of murders that they find are connected, Alex is determined to be the one to catch the killer. He will do anything to complete a task that killed his own father when Alex was just a boy.

Little does Alex know that the killer he's hunting is none other than Raven, the beautiful local barista that he can't get his mind off of. His new task- infiltrate Raven's life and take down the killer ring. But how can he do that once he realizes he's fallen in love with her?

Raven shouldn't love Alex, her life is supposed to be isolated in order to stay with Papa and the only family she knows. But the more he is around the more she can't resist what she feels. Does she even want to resist the life she could have with Alex?

Can Alex forgive her for her past crimes and give her a better life? 

Can Raven trust Alex with her life and give up the only family she's ever known for a man she loves?

Love is rarely ever black and white...

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The officers all knew they were supposed to wait until the captain gave his orders before breaking into the den. They were station on the perimeter of Papa’s home and on the outside of his front doors with earpieces in, waiting for Captain to give them the go ahead sign.

Alex was one of the officers stationed at the front door though Capta……

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