She was Her Desire

Jo Kiragu LGBT+

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Jess Johnson secures a job at HO Marketing Agency in New York City. On her first day, she meets Scarlet, a beautiful lady who has worked for the agency for over one year. For some reason, the two find common grounds and they immediately become friends. However, they realize that they both like each other even though Jess already has a girlfriend. This does not stop them. Scarlet finds Jess attractive from her tomboyish behaviors, from the way she dresses to the way she walks, and  she is falling for her real first. 
Check back every Friday 8AM EST to find out what happens between the two. 


Tags: Romance
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The rejection

Stacy and Jess were fine for the next few weeks. They would spend time together every time they were off work, and they both loved it. Scarlet had ignored Jess all this time. She wanted to get over it but she couldn’t. She didn’t want to come between Jess and Stacy, she didn’t want to ruin anyone’s life. As much as she avoided her, she knew that……

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