Growing Grounds

Sharon Moore White

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A young couple buys a large house in the country. They want to start a new life, leaving the pain of the old life far behind in the city. They share a love of antique furniture and enjoy the decorating of the interior of the house together, though they have differing tastes in décor. The house is plenty large enough to accommodate both styles. After Matt brings home an oddly beautiful antique chair, things change. This is a chair carved from the wood of sacred trees in a grove located in the large foreboding forest surrounding the house. The old gods need a new caretaker for the growing grounds there. Tammy fits the bill. She is who the old gods have been looking for and now they will take her--at any cost.

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Tags: AdventureFantasyHauntedMonsterParanormal
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Erde spoke close to Matt’s ear. “You want away from all of this sadness and pain, don’t you, son?”

Tears flowed free and unchecked down Matt’s cheeks. Nodding vehemently, Matt said, “Yes, more than anything.”

Andaris stepped into view. “Then go to her. She can take you far from all the pain and you two can be together forever. Isn’……

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