Blood Martinis: The Gypsy Vampire's Curse

Jade D. Knightly

7515 reads

Growing up hard, Kate has become meek and prone to self-medicating. Unaware she was born Gypsy royalty, she falls for a werewolf from a family of vampire hunters. But what will happen when Kate herself becomes a vampire? Being of Gypsy bloodline - the creators of all things supernatural - her transformation doesn't go to plan.

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Tags: RomanceSerial-killerThrillerVampireWerewolf
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Ch. 17 ... A New Wave

Amaya's eyes were becoming dull and lackadaisical. Her body swayed slowly as if she were following a beat, but nothing could be heard. Enecko was trying to keep her alert. Every word out of his mouth was in Basque, but his intent was clearly labeled in the urgent tone, limited silence and sharp punctuation. Still, Amaya was about to pass out.

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