Nicholette's Legacy (Book 2)

H.M. Moktadir Science Fiction & Fantasy

490 reads

Queen Nicholette Boyojek has changed the kingdom of Delladine forever. After taking a life threatening journey to save men convicted to death, the young queen finds that she may have created more issues than she has solved. Now, ruling over a country torn in half by prejudice and threatened by foreign enemies, Nicholette must find a way to repair the damage while trying to save those she loves. As the queen battles in her word of dark magic and politics, she discovers that a legacy is only as good as the hero.


Tags: ActionAdventureFantasyNew AdultThriller
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Meeting the Huxx Family

To Nicholette, the click clack of shoes on the marble floor inside Della Palace sounded like steel picks chipping away at her sanity. The noise of her footsteps echoed through the halls and made her clench her jaw tightly. She wanted nothing more than to lock herself away in the library to sort her thoughts in the peace and quiet, but that was a……

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