Nicholette's Legacy (Book 2)

H.M. Moktadir

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-Updates every weekend- Queen Nicholette Boyojek has changed the kingdom of Delladine forever. After taking a life threatening journey to save men convicted to death, the young queen finds that she may have created more issues than she has solved. Now, ruling over a country torn in half by prejudice and threatened by foreign enemies, Nicholette must find a way to repair the damage while trying to save those she loves. As the queen battles in her world of dark magic and politics, she discovers that a legacy is only as good as the hero.


Tags: ActionAdventureFantasyNew AdultThriller
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All That Harm For Nothing

“You have come a long way. I thank you for responding to my letter.” Said the queen.

Ajatar cackled loudly. The decrepit woman was sitting cross-legged on the marble floor of the palace kitchens with a pile of food stacked in front of her. The Noduv’s blackened fingers were covered in a dusting of sugar so fine, it looked like a snow……

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