Luna Red

Blaze Walker

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Little red, little red.
We see you now.
Go head and bow.
You're looking now, thinking, picking your side.
Better watch it little red, before you become the wrong bride.
Time's out now, you thrown yourself to a side.
Quite the pity that you pick the wrong allied.
Now you only have a little bit of time to run and hide before you're tied.
You're losing power, you're losing speed. You're about to bleed.
You may have the lead for a little bit indeed.
But even you know that every leader must fall once and for all.
You may be able to outrun most, but can you make it when you're weak?
Little red, little red.
You're a mystery that can't be solved, I shall say but how long will that last?
Oh little red......When you fall.
Who will guard your life before nightfall?

They call her little red. She has been taught about in school as a friend, but she has a past that makes her this way. A rogue who isn't actually a rogue. She fights for different packs against rogue's like herself. Makes sense? No? Well she's different. To packs little red is their team mate, their own team-family. To rogue's little red is a disgrace, their worst enemy. She is haunted by packs to figure out who she is, rogue's haunt her to kill her. They never get close enough to do anything-well that is until now. Just one mistake can hurt everything, for little red. It changed her whole life. For better or for worse? No body knows.


Tags: Werewolf
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