Sleep And Die

Trinity Norwood

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Everyone thought it was just a dumb game some teenager made to get a laugh out of. They thought that they would get to have a future, going to college, and starting a family. They thought they would wake up the next morning to see the faces of their families. But most of all, they thought that if they played Sleep and Die, nothing would happen to them when they went to sleep. Well they all thought wrong. They didn't expect that thisss would be the death of them.....well, that was if they followed the rules of the game of course.

The objective of the game was simple. You stay awake for as long as you can, you live for as along as you can. If you sleep, that will be your last and you will not wake up to see tomorrow. Break any of the rules, someone close to you will die and you will still play to win, unless you end up dying. The person who stays awake the longest wins!! Are you ready? Who wants to play a game?


Tags: CrimeHorrorMurderSerial-killerSuspense
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