Brother's Run

Mama Kush

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MxM/Yaoi/Slash - Loni and Rory Dash have been down a difficult road that hasn't stopped anyplace peaceful, until now. Nestled in a new home, they take to the streets with their parkour and freerunning. To bad for them, they don't know the dark secrets the quiet town holds. Soon enough they catch the attention of a couple dangerous men and the secrets are let loose.


Tags: ActionLGBT+Romance
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Chapter 12: Little Ducks.

Warning: Strong Language… Enjoy!

Chapter 12: Little Ducks.

I woke up to a soft faced nurse calling my name gently. "Loni… Loni I'm going to bandage your hand again. Kinda silly, to pull the drip out yourself you know." She took my hand to clean it.

"Thanks captain obvious…" I knew she was only doing her job, but I couldn't help……

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