The Dove Bounty

Mama Kush Romance & Erotica

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Dover is new to the whole Galactic Bounty Hunting game, but he was pretty sure it didn't involve a dick hungry feline as part of the job. Now two years later, defenses have been shaken and are falling quickly. It's ok though, two years was a long fight Dover! Warning: Smut, Drug-use, Strong language.


Tags: ActionAdventureLGBT+RomanceSci-Fi
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Round 5: Patience

Warning: Strong language/ Graphic content/ Sexual content/ Mature content/Non-con… Enjoy.

A/N: I'm horrible, I know. I ain't no pro though, I do the best I can and when I have the chance I pour my mind into these stories. I cannot thank all of you enough for waiting humbly for me to update. I do hope it was well worth it. This time ……

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