Red Hot Love

Marina x Machina Romance

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Jem doesn't appear to have any interest in Sunny, but she doesn't appear to have any problem with her either. What is the reason for her immunity to Sunny's impeccable seduction attempts? What mysterious backstory lies underneath those beautiful, untouchable locks of hair? What is the name of that beautiful red lipstick she always carries, even though she hates makeup? Will she ever look at Sunny like a real girlfriend? We'd all love to know.


Tags: HumorLGBT+RevengeRomanceSuspense
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Seducing girls was not supposed to be hard for Carson Lee.

That was not to say that he considered himself irresistible (far from it), but one would think that his wiles would have slightly aided him in his quest as a fortune hunter.

("Yes, it's called fortune hunting, it's not the same as gold digging," he attempted to argue with him……

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