Barren Placebo


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Carter always goes to camp every summer. He'd trade it over being cramped in a caravan with his parents' old commune. Aside from the one guy who won't stop staring at him, this place couldn't be all too bad. So what if it's smacked in the middle of Maryland? So what if the councilors seem to spend their funds on wifi and air conditioning over camp activities? So what if campers always disappear at that camp? "The grass is always greener at Camp Green Hill." Mainly MXM with other pairings.


Tags: AdventureHauntedHumorLGBT+Romance
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"Please," Carrie pinched the bridge of her nose, as if thinking that would stop the smell of blood from flooding her senses. "Please, tell me he's OK. Tell me we didn't fuck this one up, guys."

"He's fine. Well, for the most part," Mark scratched the back of his head and looked at Lewis for advice. All he got was his back……

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