The Rainbow Diaries

Shreya Chakraborty Romance

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He has never seen her... He has never spoken to her... He will never do so...
But she is the one whom he will ever love.... His one true love...

She does not know what it means to fall in love with someone who is emotionally unavailable. She doesn't know that it is her mother that he loves. She only knows that he is the only one whom she will ever give her virtue to..

Read Samvel and Sikhi's story... Entangled with someone who is not present but could not have been more present than this... She will live forever because she is alive in her diaries....


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Chapter 10

I got down from the office and the smile was still lingering on my face, although I was unaware of the fact. I booked the cab and waited for it while I was waiting thinking that what did just happen? And did it really happen? I came to the first interview of my life in a reputed fashion company and then bagged the job!!! Was it really possible t……

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