The Bloodied Calendar

Shreya Chakraborty Mystery,Thriller & Crime

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She is alone and aloof...She does not keep company...She is the savant that the world did not come to know about..

Calysta loves to read----but not the books which have been already published..She collects manuscripts which have been written by unknown authors and would never fall into the hands of common people because they were unpublished works.

In a seedy bookshop in the slums of Greece Calysta comes to find a leather bound novel which was written by an obscure author. The book described a historical massacre a year before it had occured....

Calysta finds out that the same author had several more unpublished works... Will she be able to find them??
Can she save the world teetering on the brink of impending disasters??


Tags: HistoricalHorrorPsychological
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Chapter 3

As Nina left the room Calysta went up to get freshened in the attached bath. She opened the tap and splashed water on her face tying her hair back in a messy bun. As she finished rinsing her face and stood up straight to see herself in the mirror she saw her mother standing behind her with a knife in her hand poised above her with the intention ……

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