The Bloodied Calendar

Shreya Chakraborty Suspense/Thriller

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She is alone and aloof...She does not keep company...She is the savant that the world did not come to know about..

Calysta loves to read----but not the books which have been already published..She collects manuscripts which have been written by unknown authors and would never fall into the hands of common people because they were unpublished works.

In a seedy bookshop in the slums of Greece Calysta comes to find a leather bound novel which was written by an obscure author. The book described a historical massacre a year before it had occured....

Calysta finds out that the same author had several more unpublished works... Will she be able to find them??
Can she save the world teetering on the brink of impending disasters??


Tags: HistoricalHorrorPsychological
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Chapter 4

It would be dark in some time but still she did not feel the urge to go back inside the estate and talk to the person who was trying to murder her. Calysta felt at that moment that she needed to go somewhere and something was calling her but she could not understand what was that.
“Nina I would like to go out to the market now, would you acco……

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