Mystify Me: A Cinematic Experience

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Ben has been around the New York streets since he left Russia, and has been struggling for a while to get his life back on track. Jackson has been taking care of his twin long enough not to care about himself, and can barely stand the spastic, overly-social brunette. When the two cross paths once again at the small vestibule of an ATM, the power shutting down and sealing electronic doors doesn't leave him much of a choice.

Ben knows there's something off about these twins, something deeper. Something his hyper mind isn't just making up. And he's right.

Mystify Me's a story about friendship, love, and obsession. Of broken souls being forced by the universe to meet up. Of beauty, sex, and humor, but more than anything—a story about life.

*CINEMATIC EXPERIENCE: All readers and good writers know that a scene is not about what you read, but what you see. This book's been written not only based on that principle, but making sure our readers will go from a reading experience to a screen right inside their own minds.


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