Mystify Me

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Ben has been around the New York streets since he left Russia, and has been struggling for a while to get his life back on track. Jackson has been taking care of his twin long enough not to care about himself, and can barely stand the spastic, overly-social brunette. When the two cross paths once again at the small vestibule of an ATM, the power shutting down and sealing electronic doors doesn't leave him much of a choice.

Ben knows there's something off about these twins, something deeper. Something his hyper mind isn't just making up. And he's right.

Mystify Me's a story about friendship, love, and obsession. Of broken souls being forced by the universe to meet up. Of beauty, sex, and humor, but more than anything- a story about life.

Updated every Monday and Friday, guaranteed to be up by 17:00 hs EST.

*Contact Information: If you'd like to talk to us directly for whatever reason, you can either send an e-mail to or reach me, Lex, on my personal page on Wattpad. Aka: @LexFassbender9.


Tags: HumorLGBT+Romance
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Chapter 56: Milk & Wings

Caleb finished saying his goodnights to the Jungs before climbing up the stairs and walking into the bedroom. His bedroom? He didn't know. Nathaniel had said so, but it didn't feel like his. It felt… it was foreign. He didn't know this furniture. He didn't know the smell. He didn't know the colors. This room wasn't him, but that wasn't saying mu……

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