Chrissie-Swift Romance & Erotica

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Marisca had always been the favorite celebrity ever since she won her first award as the artiste of the year. As a public figure, she had kept her personal life away from the media and that made people admire her the more. She started her career with Leah; her bestfriend who also had her own share of life.
One sweet mistake Marisca did was to offer herself to the owner of the hotel and restaurant she had slept in and eaten from.
David was indeed a handsome yet the quiet guy who only thought about and laid his heart to his family. But after his encounter with Marisca, his heart was left in pieces.
Many years went by; seven years to be precise, he spotted Marisca with her seven year old son. Her son looked nothing but himself when he was young. That moment, he knew he was a father.
He went crazy looking for her and one nice morning, he met her and threatened to expose her if she didn't make him a part of their son's life. Not only wasn't she ready to unfold what happened seven years ago to her fans and even enemies, she also intended to keep him away from her son.
Not only was Marisca going to deal with the kind hearted man whom she had hid his son from, but Leah had to also deal with a psycho sister who just returned from prison; pretending she was a changed person.


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Chapter Five

David was tired when stood up on his toes. He didn't know his body will ache that much. But he could feel the heavy pain at his back as if he carried something heavy. His arms were hurting and it were as equal to how it felt like when he had to carry a drunk friend back home. He wasn't feeling sleepy yet and that was the problem.

Working h……

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