Chrissie-Swift Romance

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Leah had been Marisca's friend for so many years and Tina wouldn't mind hurting her too.

Both Marisca and Leah welcomed her into their lives without knowing her plans. Knowing too well she had deceived them into believing she had changed, Tina hid behind her new clothes and did so many things which invited Jad into their lives.

Not only did her hatred unite father and son, it also reunited two brothers who never thought they would see each other again.

Marisca didn't in any way wish for herself in David's arms again but with David so close to her, she couldn't help but fall right back into them.

Leah had never felt the need to kill anyone outside the ring until she met Dean; who always made her blood boil with fury.

Dean vowed to make Leah his to love as Tina planned to make Leah hers to kill.

And Jad had been hell bent on catching the culprit since case one.


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Chapter Twenty One

It was already half past four when Marisca, Dean and David arrived at the boxing arena. Leah had already left immediately she finished her meal and had taken her bathe.

Dean scanned the place as he realized how people were crowded outside. The place was already full even though there were a few hours left for the match to begin.


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