Purgatech: Aaron's Terrible Realization

Korey Ward Horror

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Aaron Young applies for a job as a beta tester in the tech field. With nothing but a crumby job and a ex-girlfriend to keep him tied to the dull life he is familiar with, Aaron seeks out a connection to the paranormal world he has always been subtly aware of. During the interview, he realizes that the job might involve a bit more than he bargained for. Now, he must try and reshape the way that he understands the world and his place in it. Ghosts and gadgets abound in this new-age take on the classic haunting story.

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Chapter 8

"Whoa, dude. Don't look so scared. Promise I don't bite." She held her hand out. "My name is Jada. I guess you're the guy they want me to sleep with."

I didn't know what to say. My mind was too focused on the fact that a person I'd dreamt of was standing in front of me.

"Hey, my bad. I was just making a joke about us sharing a room. ……

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