Purgatech: Adrian's Ghost-hunting Angst

Ryan Boucher

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Adrian Beck has had strange encounters all his life. From the old hag to his childhood from Tommy, all believed to be a part of his vivid imagination.
As he grows older, he loses this imagination, forgetting the members of his past until one day, in a bar, Adrian Beck sees the same old hag that plagued his youth. Determined to find answers, he joins the Purgatech program, who claim to allow the user to see and speak with the dead. However skeptical Adrian is on the matter, he will do anything to find answers, entering a world he does not fully understand.

Adrian's Ghost-Hunting Angst - Part of the Purgatech series, sets the scene and tone of a man that gives in to his childlike sense of wonder, one last time before his world comes crumbling down.


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Adrian stood helplessly, watching the Old Hag hovering above the man who’d been saving him around every turn; the same man who’d entered Adrian’s home to fight ghosts, lost his hand, had his face clawed by a ghostly child and finally got shocked with a stun gun, all while doing his best to preserve saving humanity from the curse that was these g……

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