Midnight Smiles

Nyssa Weirdo

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Just this time. It was the last time...

Just this time, to forget the pain in my heart. To take the pain away.


It is hard... It is hard to control your demons... To drown them, when they know how to swim.

And Jake's demons were showed as nightmares. Taking his sanity slowly, by showing him images of the past that were turning his heart into a dark place.

The solution?

Drugs... Locking himself in his room with his thoughts... With his pain... Not sleeping...

And when everything feels so hopeless and miserable... The idiot chose to brake in a girl's room from the window, to save his ass from the police.

Who would thought that, that mistake from his stupid ass, would lead him... His heart... Again towards the light... Who would thought that a girl, he meets every midnight in her room would bright up his heart...

He may not ever be the Sun... His soul doesn't have that brightness in it... But she could. And he could be the Moon, taking the light from her... So they both can light up their lives.


Wishing for the girl my brother likes to choose me over him.

But I wanted her to choose me. I wanted her to choose to be mine. I knew I could be happy with her. She made me happy.

But it was a selfish happiness.


Did I forget to mention he never showed to her, his face? Oops?


"Jake my dear.... Everyone deserves to be happy." She gave me a smile. "Now get your ass up, finish those paintings... Make your character happy by giving him the love he deserves and go get that girl. Do I have to tell you what to do all the time?" She slapped the back of my neck, using more strength that was necessary.

I got up from the floor and walked towards the door.

"And Jake..." She called me before I could leave the room.


"Jake darling get a shower. You stink."


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