Dangerous Secrets

M. Drewery

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The Sequel to Absolute Control

The Digital Age - the age where a man or woman cannot disappear. Every day you are on camera, every day you update your status or tweet your daily progress. Your information is shared, inspected and hacked by more people than you are aware of. Do you feel like an individual anymore? Do you feel like you have privacy, that you are free? Probably not, maybe you feel more like a statistic, a commercial target, a subtly brainwashed drone of government, business and society. But how could you ever escape the CCTV, the Chip-n-Pin, the licenses and forms? You can't, not with technology watching you everywhere you go. But what if you could ignore Technology? One boy have discovered that he can. His brain grants him access to the only computer that really matters, the human mind. No matter how much technology there is, he no longer has to go through it, just the humans who are in control.

This boy, along with some fellow Telepaths, are now free from the world, they stand apart and liberated.

What do they do with this freedom? There is so much they can do, but is it right for them to go wherever they please?

There are also a bunch of governments who want to find them, and kill them.

So yeah there's that too.


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The Power Gap

Timur was holding up Yaromir as the pair of them struggled out of the Cheyanne Mountain complex.

Dabria shuffled behind him as did two other Russian telepaths.

As he walked, Timur’s mind was bouncing between horror and anger.

First he would think about his utter failure to complete his mission. He had woken up in a cupboard wit……

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