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Ruby is a perfect name for the fiery, hot-headed, and smoking hot and again, so, so hot woman, me. I draw the crowd's attention wherever I go.

I can be selfish and brat at times. Okay, most of the times.

But during such times, a handsome man gives me undivided attention and caters to my every wish. He is the same specie of men as those other stupid bitches have---those so called "boyfriend" and bratty, snotty little kids have---"puppies!"

Oh, did I mention this man is my nanny?


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Spice and Dirt

Girls are said to be made up of sugar, flowers, and rainbows and a lil' bit of spice. Lies. Full of lies.

I think this is what everyone who have met me said. My childhood is anything but sweets and rainbows. Oh,my parents tried to give me those. Even spoon-feed those on my cute little bratty self. They dress me up on princesses' clothes. I……

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