Lost in the Crossroads

Elie Gomez Science Fiction & Fantasy

1976 reads

In a world where magic flows in the air and filled with strange creatures, the lines dividing the races are clearly cut and Abelone and her friends found themselves thrown in it. Finding a way back home is the least of their worries as humanity breached those lines and naturally they are part of it.
Military-trained, the women are lucky to survive in the strange world yet there is something in the air affecting them. Is it for ill or for good?


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Alexandra hated working in the dark. She was used to the well-lit rooms and hallway of the hospital. Even walking in their apartment at night she tended to lit all lights to move about, much to Abel’s annoyance.

There was one time when she lit all the lights in their apartment, except of course the lights in their individual rooms, and fou……

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