Lost in the Crossroads

Lumina Lee

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In a world where magic flows in the air and filled with strange creatures, the lines dividing the races are clearly cut and Abelone and her friends found themselves thrown in it.
Finding a way back home was the least of their worries as humanity breached the lines separating the races, threatening the fragile peace in the land of Gaia. Starting with the Elves.
Clearly, humanity was up to no good.
Caught at the very start of conflict, the women must find a way to extricate themselves before the situation blew up in their whole faces.
Naturally, the women, military trained they might be, is not interested in seeking out trouble and doesn't want get caught in the growing tension.
Who would?
It's a thousand year conflict. It bounds to get nasty.
Saving the Night Elves from being kidnapped was a one time thing.Getting lost in the Cursed Land of the East was another. Encountering hideous monsters is already way out of line.
And now, their bodies are changing. The magic in the air affecting them.
Whether is it for ill or good, no one is sure.
The only silver lining in the cloud for the lives of Abelone and her friends is the existence of the Crossroads.
A neutral ground. The perfect safe haven.


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Nineteen - Normal (Kara)

Kara fought not to scream out in frustration. God. They should have not done this. It was risky and freaking dangerous. She tried to convince them that maybe they could do this quietly and quickly as possible. Rescue the Elves without the enemy noticing and run away fast. Really fast. It could be done. With the proper stealth, Abel could do it, ……

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