I See You

Murielle Florendo

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Andrew was certain that the best things in life only come around once. That's why when he lost everything that mattered to him all at once, he gave up his lifelong search for fulfillment. Now on his eighth year of teaching Literature, he meets Lyka, a seventeen-year old high school student with a taste for mischief and a unique perspective on life.

Lyka was certain that the best things in life are part of a non-existent reality. That's why when she lost her mother to depression and the rest of her family to the "real world," she was convinced that happiness was nothing more than a string of meaningless distractions. Now on her last year of high school in her thirteenth school transfer, she meets Andrew, a twenty-seven year old uptight teacher with a lack of personality.

This character-based novel depicts youth in the eyes of two different people in two different worlds in an effort to find and rediscover who they really are and what they're meant to do in a world that they've rejected and a world who's rejected them. Will they help each other realize the meaning of life, or will they regret ever meeting?


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“A moment only becomes a memory if it lingers.”

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I watched him puff down three sticks as if it were nothing to him. I get it. He was a teacher, and those were the most stressed people in the world. Well, aside from my previous guidance counselors. He looked completely drained, physically and emotionally.

Out of all the……

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