Poison Orchid

Shreya Chakraborty Vampire & Werewolf

11650 reads

She is the last Necromancer alive on Earth. He is the Crown Prince of Vampires. They both are sworn enemies, her mother being murdered by his father. Her blood is poison to everyone but only she can make him the most powerful creature on Earth, A Phoenix. Fate has planned something different from what they want. Read Gabriel and Isis or rather Laelia embrace their destinies....


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Chapter 50

“Why is it that every time we reach the house we are greeted by screams only?” asked Petrov aloud before dashing inside the house.
This time the screams were of Regina’s voice and the first thought that came to Electra’s mind and she said it aloud was,” It is a trap.”
“Grandma it is a trap always and it has been becoming a complex one as d……

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