A Beautiful Mirror Covered in Bloodlust

Kyle D. Richardson

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James Kiwasawa, a mix-blood and young adolescent, left his family at the age of 13. The village of Okahama, as he recalls, is a peaceful community he had lived in as a young boy. However, to his unexpected return a decade later, he learns of a fear that hangs over the heads of his fellow townspeople. Furthermore, he learns more about a stench of blood lurking about in his neighborhood. Shockingly enough, this unpleasant odour had been lingering for quite some time now; mysteriously, near his childhood home.


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Final Call: A Happy Ending?

Sometimes envy only destroys a person, but in fact, many of the times it kills whatever comes near it.

--Oct 26, 1956--

The seasoned leaves of Okahama's trees illuminated the bland colours of the village. The soft fluttering of winds slid past the calm stagnant rivers. The old were quite lively, and the young, very obedient. This vil……

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