Angel of Light

Xeng Moua

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Archangel GABRIEL is brooding in his normal spot on his cliff overlooking the world when he hears a piercing scream from Earth. He realizes that scream is coming from a woman who is suffering from a reoccurring nightmare. ANASTASIA have had the same nightmare over and over about a demon warlord, AARON who murdered her family when she was a little girl. As she grew into adulthood, she became an agent who hunts and kills demons to protect her human race.
Anastasia is sent on missions where she fights demons who are trying to wipe out the human race with terrorist attacks and global warfare. Gabriel saves Anastasia on these missions and finds himself being drawn to her and falling for her despite his divine rules of forbidden relationships with humans. Anastasia in turn is also attracted to Gabriel and finds that she is falling for him.


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Chapter 6

Anastasia was making coffee and watching television deciding on what to do today. Her shoulder didn’t pain her anymore, so she got rid of her sling. She was more mobile without the damn thing anyway. Now, she was feeling restless with nothing to occupy her time. Anastasia loved the gardens and parks that were all over Tokyo and decided she will ……

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