Donsal Road

Bernadette San Agustin

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Pull me up Teo, pull me up.. pull me uuuuup... That was the last words Teo heard from his bestfriend Drake before he fell down that hill when accident hit them while traveling that zigzag road of Donsal Hill.

After that bus accident Teo's life had never been the same. He had nightmares and sleepless nights. Some reports say that there was a foul play in that accident but police never entertained that reports and pursue their own investigation to no avail. Teo had suspected Aunt Mida, Drake's aunt, had something to do with the accident but had no idea how and why. He would always find himself in the middle of the night stucked -up along that road near the accident site. It maybe hard, but he has to do something to stop the nightmares and shed light to what really happened.. but where to start was more difficult to pursue.


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New Beginnings

1 year had passed and Teo had totally moved on. Thanks to Jam and friends, and all they went through. After his graduation in high school he went back to his parents and continued his college life with them. School’s just a mile away from their home and meeting new friends was not hard enough. He misses his friends from high school and he just c……

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